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Village Partnership Programs

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Supporting Education

Ensuring that all children have the opportunity to attend school.
  • Daycare centers to encourage an early love of learning
  • Construction of new primary and middle schools
  • Matching scholarships for middle and high school students
  • English language summer school


Providing Local Health Care

Providing affordable, village-based health services with a focus on prevention and health education, primarily for women and young children.
  • Training and resources for auxiliary Village Nurse-Midwives in each community
  • Training and resources for Village Health Educators to support young mothers
  • Free dental care for children and adults
  • Access to prenatal vitamins, contraception, and immunizations

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Expanding Economic Opportunities

Offering families, and especially women, financial security and independence.
  • Community Banks for affordable borrowing
  • Village Development Funds pay for new and existing programs, and are sustainably financed by the interest from loans
  • Agricultural projects that increase household incomes and preserve the environment (Pig Farms and the Coffee Project)


Building Infrastructure

Investing in infrastructure development to support efforts in education, health and economic improvement.
  • Clean and accessible water
  • Solar lighting for each home
  • Road improvements



Developing Participatory Leadership

Training a broad-based elected group of women and men to work closely with Shanta to use a model that harnesses diversity and creates shared responsibility for action.
  • Monthly mentoring
  • Auditing loan funds
  • Skill-based workshops


Women’s Empowerment

Equal participation and leadership by women are essential for healthy communities and the achievement of sustainable development.
  • Home Gardening: Sustainable agriculture; entrepreneurial edcuation; regular income; financial independence.
  • Investment Group: Small business practice; problem-solving skill development; hands-on management administration; improved self-confidence.
  • Health: Village Nurse Midwife; maternal health; infant and child wellness; health education.