Helping Myanmar

Muditar helps poor, underserved, villages in the Southern Shan State and Magway Region, become self-sufficient, thriving communities using a collaborative model for sustainable development.

Safe Motherhood

Dr. Nge Nge talks with women in Myanmar who will particpate in Muditar’s Safe Motherhood program supported by Dining for Women. More about this grant can be found here.

Our Collaborative & Sustainable Approach

  • Utilize local resources to improve the education, health, economy & infrastructure of impoverished rural villages.
  • Villagers acquire leadership and management skills to better their own lives & communities.
  • Active participation & contributions from all villagers.
  • Sustainably financed through interest generated from village-run lending funds.
  • Partnerships last four to six years.

Success Story

Nang Tun 2Nang Htun, of  Lone Chin village, was a farmer in the fields before being the Village Nurse Midwife.  She now delivers babies, provides prenatal care, and has saved a villager’s life! Read more of her story…

Life in a Village

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Click here for a snapshot of village life.


Muditar is a National NGO, registered in Ministry of Home Affairs. Current registration is valid until 31st December 2022.